Thursday, October 05, 2006

Invisible Children

Today I viewed a film that I had been meaning to see for a while. It now ranks as one of my top documentaries, right up there with Born Into Brothels. Very Inspiring, definitly check out their inspiration and mission at

It truely made me feel so terribly spoiled and fortunate in this life given. We(american citizens) all are. Sure, some of us be more financially well off than others, but the true quality of life difference between us and residents of the african continent are astounding. I hope I never complain about my pitty problems ever again. It makes me feel TOO spoiled. Here I am with a very expensive university education about to be complete, and every worry and sadness I have felt is nothing compared to the pain these 'invisible children' feel every single day. But, I don't blame myself or the rest of our country for living this way, we didn't know better. We are told in school about how bad things 'used to be.' Little did I know. We inadvertently joke and tell our youngsters to 'eat their vegtables, there are starving kids in africa.' Now I know.


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