Monday, October 02, 2006

goodbye, summer.

The inevitable "flip-flop" tan which graced my feet this summer is slowly fading away. And with it, sunny skies and a feeling of contempt. Why is it when I'm finally comfortable somewhere, it's time for me to up and go? It rained yesterday. All day. I debuted my umbrella to the outdoors. It's funny, I bought that umbrella the second day I was in Los Angeles, and it didn't see harsh weather until today. I don't know what I find more humorous, the fact that I bought an umbrella preparing for the storm in sunny california that never came, or that the storm I was anticipating made it's mark here, at 'home', in Boston.

I know there are many positive things going on here for me. This is my last academic year for a while, possibly ever. I've been performing in Improv far better than I had before. I genuinely enjoy my job. But something's missing. It's the emotional chip. I've never felt more alone in my ways.

Welcome to the world of a unintentional nomad. The changing of leaves has begun, and I'm entering the world of unknown this winter. I invite you to join me. No one knows what will be tomorrow, or in the next hour for that matter. Here's to wishful thinking.

Happy Monday


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